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Dream your dental appointment away 

We can eliminate pain, anxiety, fear

Allowing you to have a beautiful smile in comfort

Safety is our TOP priority 

  • We are uniquely trained to deliver hospital grade anesthesia in dental offices

  • Every patient will receive an individualized anesthetic plan based on your needs and medical history.

  • Our dentist anesthesiologists will be monitoring you throughout the sedation until you are ready to go home

  • We fully comply with all ADA guidelines and recommendations for dental office sedation and use state of the art and up to date anesthetic equipment

Personalized Communication

All of our patients have direct communication with their anesthesiologist 24/7 via phone, text, or email

If you have questions leading up to your appointment, or any concerns following, we are always here for you

Convenient Care

You will be in a state of sleep, relaxation, and comfort. This will allow the dentist to finish your entire treatment

No more multiple visits.

Continuous Monitoring

Our anesthesiologists use the same equipment as hospital operating rooms. They will monitor all your vital signs

from the moment you sit in the dental chair, to the moment you are ready to leave, all the while keeping you comfortable

and safe

Specialists in Dental Anesthesiology

Our doctors have completed rigorous residency training in anesthesiology. We specialize in providing care to adult, pediatric and special needs patients. 

Yearly Checkup

Dental Anxiety

Young or old, we all have some level of dental anxiety

From the needles, to the sounds and smells, no one loves being at the dentist office; We understand that. 

We will help you have a stress free, pain free, dental appointment

Don't take our word - See what our patients have to say

Dr. Singh is the BEST! Caring, knowledgeable, gentle and compassionate. Our daughter with special needs has seen numerous doctors in her life, but Dr. Singh is at the top of our list! Truly a 5 star experience. 


Janice Baskerville

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