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Hospital Quality Anesthesia in your dental office

We provide expertise and equipment, you focus on dentistry 

Our Services

General Anesthesia / IV Sedation

We bring all the necessary equipment to your dental office to allow you to provide general anesthesia or IV sedation dentistry to your patients. 

Pediatric / Special Needs

We have a passion and extensive training treating pediatric patients and those with special needs. With Safe Smile Sedation, you will never have to refer these patients out again

Safety is our TOP priority 

  • We are uniquely trained to deliver hospital grade anesthesia in dental offices

  • Our dentist anesthesiologists use hospital grade monitoring and emergency equipment for every patient

  • We fully comply with all ADA guidelines and recommendations for dental office sedation

  • We stay with the patient and monitor them throughout the entire procedure

  • Safe Smile Sedation allows you to focus on the dentistry, complete treatment plans in one appointment, increase your production all while we make your patients safe and comfortable

How does it work?

Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Discuss your planned patients and cases with us either by phone or email

We bring all the equipment and provide high quality anesthesia / sedation in your own office


We'd love to hear from you

Serving all dental offices in Upstate New York

 Tel: 716-217-9034

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