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Our Dentists on the COVID Frontline: Testimonials

COVID19 Update

We are here for you

Our Dentist Anesthesiologists are working on the front lines to keep New Yorkers Safe


Dr. Boras diligently following CDC and NYDOH guidelines to keep patients, staff and our community as safe by scrubbing out of the COVID ICU. Handwashing remains the No. 1 tip for preventing the spread of Coronavirus. However, it must be done properly and with soap and water. When soap and water are not available, the next best option is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer


Dr. Singh working with Mayo Clinic to obtain convalescent plasma for intubated COVID patients on the COVID ICU


Early mornings, long days, and late nights in the epicenter of the pandemic, NYC. Our docs are seen here donning PPE (putting on) because viral load in the airway is very high and is very contagious. This poses significant risks for dentists and anesthesiologists. Therefore, goggles, full protective equipment and headgear are necessary during intubation


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